Peterson Marine Survey
Surveys and Deliveries Worldwide

Over 3000 Surveys Since 1982

Marine Surveys by Philip S. Peterson NAMS-CMS


Reasons For a Marine survey

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale
Estate Settlements
Financing Requirements
Insurance Requirements
Damage Evaluations

Potential Survey Clients

Boat Owners or Purchasers
Finance Companies
Insurance Companies


Surveys performed on these Crafts 

Sail Boats & Power Boats


Surveys include These Inspections

Hull & Structure
Electrical System
Fuel System
LPG Systems, etc.
(Does not include a mechanical survey)

Thorough Survey Report 

A prompt written report acceptable to:
The Owner
Insurance Companies
Financial Institutions


will travel to your location

(Winter surveys: Phil cannot do a survey if the hull is frozen;
however, he can do a survey in a heated building.)


Please contact Phil to inquire about pricing and details
for your particular survey and location.


Pictures of some of the boats Phil has surveyed.

Pictures of some of  the boats Phil has surveyed for damage.